R&D Institute “PEGAZ” carries out academic and technological research in the field of oil and gas processing, petrochemistry. The company is a holder of patents* on technological processes, equipment and useful devices.


Patent work of R&D Institute “PEGAZ” is based on the principles of scientific and technical policy, the main objectives of which are:

  • development, rational allocation and effective use of science and technological potential;
  • increasing contribution of science and technology to the development of the state economy;
  • realization of the most important social goals;
  • ensuring progressive structural transformations in the field of material productions;
  • improving the efficiency and competitiveness of material goods productions;
  • environmental improvement;
  • strengthening of relationship between science and production;


The ultimate goal of scientific and technical policy of R&D Institute “PEGAZ” is to ensure economic growth, competitiveness of the country in the world market, ensuring economic, technological and scientific-technical security of Russia.

* information on patent developments as a strategic confidential information is transferred to the Customers only under the execution of contractual obligations