Complex design

Integrated design, as a basis of any investment projects, has a great impact on the course of its implementation. Therefore, the main approach of R&D Institute «PEGAZ» is covering of the largest number of directions and sections of engineering, which allows to fully control the development process and reduce possible risks.

So far, R&D Institute «PEGAZ» renders the following services in this direction:

  • Development of feasibility studies of investments for reconstruction of buildings and construction of new facilities

  • Technology, energy and price audit

  • Inspection of civil structures and buildings

  • Development of initial data for engineering (ID) and basic projects (BP)

  • Development of design and detail documentation for new construction, equipment modernisation and upgrading of hazardous production facility, projects for the liquidation and conservation of hazardous production facility

  • 3D modelling

  • Development of an upper-level Automatic control system of technological process Automated power supply control system), SMIS (Engineering Systems Monitoring)/ ESMS (Engineering Structures Monitoring System) and other automated information management systems

  • Issue of enquiry specifications on process equipment, electrical equipment, instrumentation equipment and Automatic control system of technological process

  • Development of technical projects for non-standard customized equipment

  • Conducting of HAZOP and HAZID

  • Carrying out of Industrial safety expert review

  • Receiving of the necessary approvals, supporting of expert review of design documentations at Glavgosexpertiza of Russia

  • Ecological support of pre-design and design works, risk management

  • Development of Industrial Safety Declarations, ERP (Emergency Response plan), Oil Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasure Plan, Safety Data Sheets, Production schedules

  • Project support, russification, expertise of projects for our clients including foreign licensors