ZEROMAX технологическое оборудование




ZEROMAX is a manufacturing and engineering operator that performs a full range of works on production and supply, logistics and procurement, setup and commissioning of the main process and auxiliary equipment for facilities in the oil, gas and chemical industries. Another of the operator‘s key areas is integrated engineering, which covers the maximum number of areas.


ZEROMAX creates a unique highly efficient, energy- and resource-saving innovative equipment that meets the needs of the petrochemical industry, taking into account the solution of import substitution problems. The developed equipment makes the processes waste-free, environmentally friendly and helps to minimize the negative impact on the environment.


The main types of process equipment manufactured:

  • internals
  • columns and reactors
  • heating furnaces
  • heat exchangers
  • air coolers
  • pumps


The staff of the ZEROMAX Scientific Production Center (SPC) has highly qualified specialists with significant professional experience, a high-capacity production base. This allows SPC ZEROMAX to ensure the quality and meet tight deadlines for the execution of orders.


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