Engineering and scientific research





own pproduction facilities


Our own production facilities over 20000 m2 equipped with advanced equipment and certified laboratory of nondestructive testing allow us to manufacture equipment for refineries and oil companies:


  • complete production lines
  • modular equipment
  • pumping stations for various purposes
  • mobile platforms for well surveying and well development
  • flare devices
  • gas treatment unit
  • separate devices and assemblies
  • advanced hardware and software of PCS, APSCS, etc.
  • power supply systems, etc.



The company owns more than 100 inventions, 30 of which are patented and used in oil production enterprises of the Russian Federation and Republic of Bashkortostan. Some of them are recognized as the best inventions in Russia and are included in the database of promising Russian developments.





scientific research


As of today the ecological side in the issues of oil and gas processing play a significant role. Considering the effects of climate change and tightening of the legislation on environmental protection, the industry demands more environmentally friendly recycling processes and reduction of energy consumption.


Scientific research activity of R&D Institute “PEGAZ” is concentrated in the subsidiary scientific and research technological company Research and Production Enterprise (RPE) "VENTA" and is directed on development and adoption of the latest environmentally friendly high performance technologies as a part of the program of import replacement, methods and algorithms of calculation of fractionating equipment at the oil refining and petrochemical enterprises, performance stimulation of the mass transfer equipment on the basis of complex mathematical modeling, development of a brand new generation of the mass transfer equipment-cross-flow packed columns.


RPE "VENTA" was founded in 1980, when Konstantin Bogatykh, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, Corresponding member of the Academy of Technological Sciences of the Russian Federation, becomes the head of the scientific direction for the development and introduction of energy saving technologies in the oil and gas processing and petrochemical industries on the basis of the cross-flow packed contact devices.


In 1985 under the direct supervision of K. Bogatykh, the technology of deep-vacuum fuel distillation based on the use of cross-flow packed contact devices was developed and implemented for the first time in the country.



Today works on the development of energy-saving and more advanced environmental technologies for oil and oil fractions refining are continued by doctor of Engineering Sciences, daughter of the Academician – S. Churakova and the head of the holding, candidate of engineering Sciences, student of the academician – A. Chirkova


scientific and technological development


Technological activity of the company is based on experience in numerical modeling of technological process in various specific software products and application of its own calculation methods. We have solid experience in rectification and absorption process modelling considering the necessary type of contact device or their joint application on the evidence-based data. Our experience allows us to make calculation on columns, tanks, heat exchangers, etc. and issue data sheets for their further designing. 


technological development in the sphere of oil refinery


The company’s capabilities in the field of oil-refining are based on experience in improving efficiency of technological processes, specifically:


  • primary distillation of crude oil and gas condensate, and their mixtures obtaining fuel fractions using "flows" between the columns to reduce energy consumption and optimization of the scheme of heat exchange according to the original methodology;
  • separation of gasoline into narrow fractions in order to obtain the raw materials of the required quality for secondary processes;
  • fractionation of gasoline fractions of secondary processes, such as the debutanizer, depentanizer and dehexaniser;
  • improving the efficiency of off-gas amine purification followed by fractionation and use as raw materials for petrochemical processes;
  • there is also a solid experience in implementation of licensing processes of foreign companies (hydrocracking, alkylation, etc.).




The company s experience in the field of gas processing covers the following processes:


  • gas separation and gasoline extraction from gas;
  • purification of natural, associated and regenerated gases from impurities, in particular from H2S and CO2, during liquefaction of natural and associated petroleum gas;
  • low-temperature separation of natural gas and selection of ethane fraction up to 90% of the potential due to the application of low-temperature absorption process developed by the specialists of our Institute.


technologocal development in the field of petrochemistry


Capabilities of the company in the field of petrochemistry are based on experience in improving efficiency of technological processes, as well as development of technologies for products recovery with high (polymer) purity:


  • technology of efficient and reliable (resistant to pollution and sharp fluctuations of the process) water or hydrocarbon flushing of syngas during production of ethylene and propylene;
  • clear fractionation of C1-C4 gases;
  • fractionation of fractions and, in particular, azeotropic drying and azeotropic rectification of fractions to obtain raw materials in the production of rubbers;
  • production of high purity products required for polymerization specifically technology of production of DCPD with purity more than 99% purity.